Peggy Smith: Founder & Trainer

Peggy Smith has studied Nonviolent Communicationsm with Marshall Rosenberg (creator of NVC) and a variety of international trainers. The Center For Nonviolent Communication has certified her as a trainer. Peggy is a co-founder of the Maine NVC Network.

Peggy taught elementary and middle school in Maine for 32 years. She brings her extensive teaching skills, humor and presence to her work. Peggy has a keen interest in connecting people with their innate compassionate nature. She has a life long interest in spiritual traditions and the fostering of compassion. She has studied with Zen teacher and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh since 1991. She is a dharma teacher within his tradition.

Peggy lives in Lincolnville, ME and greets the day watching the sunrise over Islesboro.

winter sunrise in Lincolnville Maine

My Personal Journey with NVC

I first heard about Nonviolent Communication sm (NVC) in 1996 on the radio program "New Dimensions" broadcast on local station WERU. Deeply impressed by Marshall Rosenberg’s work I went right out and bought a copy of his basic text, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. The book, partially read, was soon swallowed up in some pile around my home.

In 2003 Olive Pierce, photographer and Rockland resident, invited me to attend a weekend training with Mr. Rosenberg. It was a stimulating and heart nourishing time, and I decided to further my understanding of NVC by attending a nine day International Intensive Training with Rosenberg and five other teachers in Quebec.

Achieving Peaceful Sustainability

I have a deep commitment to peaceful sustainable life enhancing ways of living. As a young child I was moved by my grandfather’s connection to his own spiritual journey. Before the age of five, I remember having an awareness that I wanted some of what he had. Though his particular path did not feed my inner peace, the quest that he modeled has been a strong influence on my journey. At the age of eight I visited the American cemetery in Normandy, France. My young mind saw the fruits of war in the acres and acres and acres of small white headstones. I knew I wanted to live my life in a way that would help humanity move to other conflict resolution approaches.

During my 32 years as a teacher in elementary and middle schools, I worked with a number of conflict resolution approaches. When NVC came into my life I was excited by both its simplicity and its profound power to quickly help people re-connect to their compassionate inner-self. I have seen its positive effect in personal and work events. It is the most powerful process I have experienced to help humanity move in the direction of peaceful sustainability.


First NVC trainer in Maine to be certified by CNVC

Peggy Smith

"Peggy brings pure joyfulness, a sense of peace and humor to all of her roles with NVC. We appreciate that she is a trusted confidante and is willing to walk through this journey with us."
- Brenda Mitchell, Director of Operations Community Partners, Inc., Biddeford, ME

"I was very impressed how well Peggy answered questions and concerns brought up by participants...She answered them in such an enlightening way, it was an immediate ‘aha!’ I truly enjoyed the experience."
- Cynthia H., Bethel, ME