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old art path through summer woodsOpen Communication envisions a world in which people are connected to their compassionate nature and live in healthy, peaceful balance with themselves, other people, the environment and other species.





a small group discussion during an NVC Level one trainingOpen Communication is dedicated to bringing Nonviolent Communicationsm consciousness and practical skills to people of all ages and life circumstances. Open Communication helps people develop skills we all can use to foster sustainable internal,
interpersonal and organizational peace.


To me this photo symbolizes the empathy process.

The clouds represent our thoughts and emotions, that come and go like clouds in the sky.

The oak represents the strong, slowly growing self. Given healthful nourishment (including empathy), it grows in beauty and expansiveness, providing shade and food for others over a wide expanse.

The still water represents the person holding empathy, becoming so internally still that their heart knows just what to say or not say. The person holding empathy is a mirror reflecting the beautiful wholeness of the person sharing, even when the speaker canít see it.

The slight ripple in the water represents that few of us hold pure empathy 100% of the time. Each ripple reminds us that our own emotions may surface, giving us an opportunity to mindfully return to stillness.

An oak tree in full leaf with sunny sky and white fluffy clouds, all reflected in still, clear water with a small rippled area at lower left corner