Available for schools, non-profits and businesses.
Sample programs include:

Program 1: Dialoguing with Challenging People

This program helps participants develop skills in engaging in conversations with people who may be agitated and demanding. These skills provide strategies so that everyone can be heard in a respectful way. Resolution is based in mutual understanding and needs being recognized. This program focuses on participants who engage with the public or co-workers.
Time commitment: one to two days

Program 2: Empathy: Connection That Builds Effective Relationships

This interactive workshop builds our empathy skills by giving participants practical skills in self-empathy and offering empathy to others. We will:

  1. Define EMPATHY
  2. Acknowledge the blocks to EMPATHY
  3. Build our skills in PRESENCE
  4. Practice-holding PRESENCE for others and ourselves
  5. Practice reformulation (spoken EMPATHY)

Participants will experience how empathy strengthens learning and work communities.
Time commitment: half day –– full day

This program could also be a valuable workshop for parents to build family well-being and resiliency.

Program 3: Restorative Circles (schools/organizations/families/businesses)

This program teaches the basics of NVC with Restorative Circles to build harmony within any community.

This process gives participants specific skills to experience conflict as a point to begin meaningful authentic connection.  It provides hope that conflict does not need to lead to further disconnection but can actually build connections that are more vibrant and nourishing.

This program is for groups or systems that want to move from punitive discipline/punishment approaches to a restorative approach where understanding and community well being can flower.
Time commitment:  2 –– 5 days