Level 1:
Beginning the Journey of Nonviolent Communication and Empathy

  • Would you like to deal with conflict more skillfully?
  • Be sensitive to others without giving up your own needs?
  • Deepen intimacy and have more ease within relationships?

The goal of this training is to explore a way of thinking, acting and speaking that builds connection even during times of stress and conflict.  The practical approach of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) assists us in thinking toward sustainable authentic community where everyone matters.  Participants will learn & explore new skills for using conflict as an opportunity to strengthen connection to others.

This interactive workshop will provide direct experience of empathic listening and empathic problem-solving. We have direct experiences of caring deeply for our authentic self at the same time as caring for the authentic other. These skills have the potential to increase harmony and cooperation within our our families, workplace, and the larger community.

You will leave this workshop with practical concepts and skills you can put to immediate use.

Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your family, co­workers or community, your participation in this workshop will open new doors and expand your options.

You will gain concrete skills for using daily conflicts to relate more authentically and compassionately building trust in a multi­ sensory learning environment that fosters safety, depth and fun.

Participants will be empowered by embracing empathetic presence to transform our usual ways of thinking opening opportunities for radiant connections.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the components of life-serving thinking and communicating as developed through NVC:

  • Making an OBSERVATION - identifying what happened without judgment or interpretation
  • Connecting to the FEELINGS that arise
  • Discovering what human NEEDS are generating those feelings
  • Making a REQUEST, asking for what may make life more wonderful in a way that we experience choice and connection

This dynamic interactive workshop teaches ways to bring our innate empathic capacities to the experiences of daily life with fun and connection.


Peggy Smith teaching an NVC Level 1 workshop

"This Level 1 training was enough to get a good ‘flavor’ of the alternative method of communicating. I especially liked the recommendations on listening which go further and are kinder than ‘just listen harder.’ And the realization that my needs are acceptable, much more beautiful, is pure Mozart to my ears.
"Peggy presented the materials patiently, with humor and extreme empathy. Specifically, when I had a moment of ‘embarrassment’ while discussing an emotional situation, she didn't console or sympathize as others in the past have done, and this proved to be very comforting in itself..... at no time did I feel judged right, wrong or otherwise. Great experience. Thank you."
— Anonymous, Augusta, ME